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Community Care's Mission

The mission of CommUnity Cares is to empower and uplift the Black Community by providing medical education and access to healthcare globally through our festivals and events.

We are committed to ending the Black-White life expectancy gap and understand our critical role to close gaps in parallel that will ensure community prosperity, growth, and self-sustainability for all.


The Founder

Keona J. Wynne is originally from the small rural town of Huntsville, Texas where she
grew up in a tight-knit community centered around ancestral pride. After leaving Texas, Keona attended Howard University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Her time at Howard University instilled in her a love, passion, and appreciation for the ingenuity and diversity of the African diaspora.


Keona has a Master of Bioethics from Harvard University and is currently a graduate student at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Population Health Sciences. Ms. Wynne uses these skills to critically engage with topics of communal trauma in Black communities -- focusing on how this trauma is embodied resulting in physical illness, how this trauma is transmitted intergenerationally and culturally, how trauma is healed, and (most importantly) how to transition from healed to flourishing.


Ms. Wynne enjoys artistic creativity as a form of self-expression and occasionally engages in art professionally.

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