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Join Us at MoreLife Fest, on September 30th! 

More Life Fest

Who We Are

The mission of CommUnity Cares is to empower and uplift the Black Community by providing medical education and access to healthcare globally through our festivals and events.

We are committed to ending the Black-White life expectancy gap and understand our critical role to close gaps in parallel that will ensure community prosperity, growth, and self-sustainability for all.


The Facts


Every day, 200 Black Americans die from preventable causes.

In major U.S. cities, there is a 10-15 year life expectancy gap between Black and White neighborhoods. 

Our Plan:

1) We minimize barriers that makes healthcare scary or inaccessible such as lack of time, power dynamics, costs, and negative associations

2) We maximize enablers that connect primary care as a powerful tool to build a long, thriving preventive health care.. 

Blood Pressure


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Healthcare of The Future

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